Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hand Painted Roving

One of my projects this summer while I am home was to hand paint/dye roving. We have never tried this before. So, on one of Katie's days off, we gave it a try. We found out that too wet wool and too much dye can make a mess. Also, not having the right kind of pot to steam it in made for the use of a microwave. We found out why they suggested using rubber gloves, which we didn't.

We used white Shetland wool that Katie had accumulated from the only white ewe we have ever had. I like to spin consistently but this didn't let me. So, as you can see my yarn is a little lumpy.

I may use it to make a shawl with some fuschia yarn I had spun a while ago. I would like to add ribbons, too.

Katie is the dye expert... so ...we'll try this again!

Happy 18th Birthday, Lauren. We love you!

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