Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lambs Are On The Way!

Breeding groups were put together on Saturday, November 1st. There are 3 groups. This year we are only breeding 9 ewes. The gentlemen above will both be 2 in the spring. On the left we have Rare Find Farm Emmett. He has great confirmation and a nice grey fleece. He gave us ram lambs last spring so we are trying for a few great grey ewes this year. (I like the grey fleeces best!) The ram on the right is Hidaway Farms Razzle. Razzle is a son from Cory, our head ram. We hadn't planned on keeping him but realized last fall that we could put him with Shania (yuglet ewe below) and possibly get spots. His mother is an HST. It worked on one ewe lamb. We are trying this breeding again. Both boys are for sale as soon as breeding is finished. Razzle is a grey katmoget with a nice curly fleece that is very soft.
Shania and Bethia, a grey ewe, are Razzle's 2 girls this fall. Bethia was bred the day we put them together. We think most of the girls are already bred.

Here is Annie, our aged ewe that won Champion Shetland Ewe at SAFF in October. She is with Emmett. Last year this pair gave us two ram lambs. Their fleeces were huge and 2 different shades of grey. I love to spin the more primitive fleeces. We hope to get some ewes from these two. Emmett is also with Butterscotch (fawn katmoget below) and Abigail (moorit). Butterscotch is a yearling and Abby is two. Abby gave us a grey and moorit set of twin ram lambs this past spring from Emmett. We wethered both of them. They have the most incredibly soft fleeces.

Below is our grand ram, Rare Find Farm Cory. He will be 4 in the spring and has improved our flock greatly in the fleece department. He is the son of Underhill Gordon (AI breeding). Cory has a very, very crimpy fawn fleece that is soft! He puts the soft in the long fleeces that I love. Every once in a while we get a short fleece like Abby's and then they put soft in their lambs. Cory is very gentle and respectful. He has great horns, great conformation, and a nice small tail. He is here to stay. Cory has four ewes this year. (We believe they are all settled.) Standing awkwardly is Ruth, a black and white yuglet flecket. (We hope to get a spotted ram next year to put with our spotted ewes but until then...) Then there is Cara. Cara is a light grey and she gives us white babies with Cory. Cory's dad is white. Next is Cara's sister, Maisie. Maisie has a very long, soft black fleece and with Cory she gives us babies with long staple length fleeces that are so soft. Sprinkles, a yearling, is with Cory for her first breeding. We have no idea what she will give with Cory.

It was nice to get all the breeding groups moved around within 2 hours. (We have sheep at 2 different places.) 3 of our ewe lambs had to be moved to the other place and we sure miss them being here at our house. One of them being my Baby Jane. She wants to come home. In December we will shift them all around again. All the bred ewes, 3 ewe lambs, and Sarah (our 2 1/2 year old bottle baby) will live here at our house.
Christmas will come again in April and we can't wait!! We're praying for safe deliveries and healthy lambs, good mothers, and lots of ewes!!

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