Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet April Showers

This is April Showers. She is an adorable musket yuglet/katmoget. This is our first double patterned lamb. April has a dense, soft fleece with luster.
We bred Hidaway Farms Emily Bronte, grey katmoget, with Sycamore Farms Tundra, a black smirslet. Emily then went to live with wonderful friends of ours. April was born at their farm.

We were amazed to see pictures of her as a newborn. So...Denise was very gracious and we traded Money Penny, a yearling katmoget for April.

Our new ram, Mapleton Thunder, and April Showers hang out together. They are the newbies on the block or rather in the pasture and the others aren't terribly willing to let them into their click!!
Thank you, Denise!! We love her!!

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Kara said...

Hi Christine,

What a pretty girl. Are you sure she is Musket? Is Ag dominate or recessive? I am still trying to figure out all this genetics stuff.