Tuesday, March 29, 2011


And waiting and waiting...soon...we hope! Our shearer, Anthony, came out to help Katie and I get the pregnant ewes ready for lambing a couple of weeks ago. Crutching, CD&T, deworming and hoof trimming were on the agenda that day. We love our mamas!! They are so friendly at this time. Above is Lucille Ball, grey katmoget, second time lambing. Bred to Mapleton Thunder.
If you follow our blog you know who this is. This is Shania. She is one of our favorites from Windswept Farms. She is also bred to Thunder.
Above is our precious Cara. She had a year off and is back in business. Cara and Rare Find Farm Cory give us "ghost" kats. Can't wait to see lambs this year. Her lambs end up being the friendliest Shetlands we ever have.

Here is Amelia Earhart, a fawn kat. She will be a second time mother and is bred to Thunder as well.
This is our Camille, a Cara daughter. She will be a first time mom that is bred to Thunder. She is one of our brown based "ghost" kats.

Not photographed were Gina, a yuglet sokket, and Charlotte Bronte, a smirslet sokket, and Electra King, a grey kat, all bred to Mapleton Thunder. Eight ewes in all, bred and in waiting.
Here they are...there are also 2 yearlings in the picture that we have kept here with the bred ewes. All of our other sheep reside at my nephew's house.

When do they begin? Friday will be day 146 for Electra, Gina- date unknown, and the rest will be the following Friday through Tuesday...one right after the other!! Katie and I can't wait.

So...where have we been since the last post...on January 4th (12 weeks ago today) my precious husband, Rothey, was struck with necrotizing acute pancreatitis...MEAN stuff...it became infected. He has been in the hospital for 85 days and is now waiting to go to reheb. He had mulitple organ failure and was in ICU for 38 days. He ended up being on kidney dialysis, had a tracheostomy, central lines, 8 different drains in his abdomen, 3 surgeries to remove dead infected tissue...on and on... The Sunday after this began, our dog, Belle, became very ill and we had to have her put to sleep...our plan was always for Rothey to handle it... Our stove died, the toilet was leaking, the blinker on the truck went out, lambing is coming...life continues...all this to say... My God is an Awesome God...my husband is truly a miracle (only 3 % of people with pancreatitis get it this badly and I don't know what the survival rate of that is)...My Jesus has been with us every moment...sometimes carrying us...sometimes holding our hand...and oh, the peace we have experienced!! He has given us strength and courage...and our faith has grown...and we have lived through it to tell others all he has done!!


Michelle said...

Wow, your family has been ATTACKED - but greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world! Amen!

Kara said...

I am so sorry to hear about your troubles and your husband not being well. Hope all is on the mend now and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Garrett808 said...

God is and awesome God, isn't He?!! I get excited every time I hear someone talk about Him!

I noticed you talked about Ghost Kats. I think your kats are actually Ag Katmogets, which look a lot like the Ghost kats or light badgerface, but with their momma Cara being Ag/Aa Grey (by the looks of it) I would call them Moget Faced or Ag Kats (and not the normal gray katmoget...which are really just black katmoget....but the traditional name stuck!)

the ghost kats are Albf/Aa and most kats are Ab/Aa and your lambs would most likely be Ag/Ab. I could totally be wrong but being the geneticist by degree it has me always trying to figure out and help others. If i'm wrong please let me know too! :)

May God continue to bless your family!