Monday, March 31, 2008

New Babes!

Cara was a real trooper today!! She had twins, one boy and one girl!!

Last night she wasn't as interested in us as usual. Cara is a lap sheep.
She didn't want any of the other sheep touching her in the barn so she ate hay outside. This was a little unusual for her too. Sheep check at 10:00pm- nothing; at 7:00am- nothing; at 10:00am- off on her own; by 11:45am- twins up, licked, and returning to the flock. Wow! I would like all of them to do that. She was put in her lambing jug very content and very protective of her little ones.

The ram lamb, Hank Aaron, is a white katmoget. He also has some brownish wool. This will fade away. Cara had a ram lamb just like him last year and he was champion Shetland ram at the NC Mt. State Fair. We hope he will grow up and be just like Ande! Hank is soft and very gentle and calm when touched.

The ewe lamb, Jackie O., is precious. Her black markings are not quite as dark as her brother's. I don't know if she can be considered katmoget. She also has only a black stripe on her belly. We'll see as she grows. She is white and soft with little ringlets. She's a keeper!

Mother and babies are great, and we are feeling better than we were yesterday. Life on the farm can be precious!

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