Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lamb count: 3 to 3

Yes, the count is now 3 ewes and 3 rams. At the 1:00am sheep check on Wednesday morning we found that Maisie had delivered a beautiful tri-colored katmoget ewe lamb. Within 15 minutes of our arrival she delivered a black ewe lamb. The lambs were both healthy and eager to find food. Once they were settled, we went home and crawled into the bed satisfied that another ewe was delivered.

This little girl on the left is Hidaway Farms Lucille Ball. The black ewe on the right is Hidaway Farms Clara Barton.
3 down- 9 to go! According to my calendar, we have about a week before more lambs are due.
It already feels like we have run a marathon during this past week! I can't imagine how we'll feel by the end of April. Once lambs are all here it will be shearing time for us.
We're looking forward to the next group of surprises! I love the colors of Shetlands, always a surprise!

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