Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Project in Progress

This shawl needs a name. Yes, a name. What should it be? "Three years in the making?" "Bottle Baby Trio?" "Special Lambs?" A little history behind this homespun yarn -- four years ago -- the second time Madam Hooch would lamb (should have been the last) --twins- the second one rejected -- that would be my Padgett (the darkest ball of yarn on the right)!! This was our very first time of having a bottle lamb after many years of lambing. We called another shepherd for advice. In the house she came with diapers and a bottle. She even slept in the dog bed and went to school with me. Padgett still isn't like the others!

The next year -- triplets -- last lamb rejected -- Sarah is the new bottle lamb (cream colored yarn in the center). We learned our lesson and in the barn she went in her own little pen. Sarah rewarded us as a winning show sheep that fall.

The next year -- still didn't learn our lesson -- triplets with the help of the vet -- 2nd lamb was dry upon delivery and I knew that would be the one rejected --Hooch tolerated her for a few days and then, "bump" out she goes --that's Almond Joy (wool on the left with the shiny stuff). Joy was more like a sheep than the other two. She was always a little more independent.

We finally got smart -- don't breed Hooch -- but then of course we lost a ewe, and we had Jane Austen -- at least it wasn't rejection.

So, my shawl will be made from lamb's fleeces of our 1st 3 bottle sisters. I'm using some fancy fibers to add some color.

Above is an up close shot of my triangle loom that Rothey made for me several years ago. Starting from the outside it goes: Joy, Sarah, and Padgett.

I have quite a way to go but in time I will have the memories of the little lambs that loved us like no others --Padgett sleeping on one end of the couch and Belle, our dog, on the other, Padgett jumping on the bed with the girls and running through the house, scrapbooks and other papers chewed on, jumping on the back of the couch and then off again, changing diapers, Padgett smelling our breath to see if it was us, following me around the classroom and in the hall, Sarah curled up as a newborn in Rothey's lap while getting a bottle ready, Katie wanting Sarah to be another house baby, Sarah liking her little pen in the barn, maa's of recognition, little lambs running to greet you, Joy who allowed only Lauren to hold her for a while, Joy who still quietly lets you know that she is there to be petted...three sheep that we can't sell...memories made and saved in my shawl.
I'll take name suggestions for the shawl, and then I'll post the finished product along with the faces of my special sheep. Can you help?


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

"Hooch's loss, our gain times 3"? That's quite a story, and a beautiful project to document it!

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

I am not creative with names, will leave that task to someone else, but man. That shawl is going to be an amazing keepsake. Beautiful!