Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From Carhartt Overalls to Flip Flops

It truly is amazing the difference a week makes!! Winter finally found its way to the southeast. This is the first real snow we've had in 5 or 6 years. Sunday (March 1) afternoon we saw the big lazy snowflakes start to fall.
By Monday (March 2) morning we had about 7 inches of beautiful snow and very windy, cold temperatures.

Katie and I were greeted by some of our Shetlands as they made their way out of the barn since the snow.

They were so funny licking and eating the snow! Several dug into it with their noses and came up covered.

Thank goodness for Carhartt overalls!

Hidaway Cove on a snowy, cold, crisp, clear Monday.

What is this? I thought it was finally winter. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, so the saying goes. One week later (March 9) and we have 70+ degree weather. All living things are thinking it is finally spring.

Darling daffodils,

Flowering Almond blossoms ready to burst,

and little Grape Hyacinths cherishing the warmth.
Katie and Lauren wore flip flops Monday...from coveralls to flip flops in one week.
We're not holding our breath...the warmth isn't here to stay. Normal temperatures will return for the weekend.
Two weeks and a little, and we will have our first little lambs. What usually happens when lambs are born? Could we still have another snow?


Jen and Rich Johnson said...

That's my kind of winter! Thanks for the pretty flower pictures - gave me hope for spring!

Kara said...

Great post and beautiful pictures! You really have some wonderful looking sheep.

Hidaway Farms Shetlands said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for the compliments!

The Saturday after the snow we moved the big ram in the pictures to his pasture and brought two other bred ewes to put with these. We now have our moms (9) all at the same place which will make it a little easier for lambing.