Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Autumn...

Fall weather has arrived this week. The air is clear and the temperatures are in the mid-60's. Leaves are falling. We have had 6 inches of rain above normal for September so the prediction for fall colors in our area is muted.The sheep have such fun gobbling up the leaves as they hit the ground. Here is Cara with her daughter, Camille. Below is Mary Goodnight enjoying the leaves that she has found.

I wonder who the wool belongs to on the thistle above? We have been seeing the "fall" spiders all around the barn. We watched an extra large one of these orange and brown spiders the other evening. Too bad I didn't have a camera. We watched him/her make a mummy out of 2 unfortunate bugs that hit it's web. The spider then cut it from the web and took it up to the very center. Amazing...we were only a couple of feet away and could actually see the silk coming from the spider as it wrapped the bug up tight.

Fall is definitely one of my favorite times of year! The sheep like it too. They seem to have a spring in their step as we feed each evening.

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Kara said...

Great pictures, your sheep are beautiful. We will really have to work out a trade one of these years. I like your fence...I want to put up either a secure perimeter fence or a few secure paddocks. That looks like welded wire or is it HT mesh? Do you use off set electric or anything on the bottom?