Sunday, October 18, 2009

Evening Sun Rays

Winter seems to be getting an early start here in the mountains of western North Carolina. Today was a very blustery 45 degrees. We have had so much rain that the fall colors aren't as bright as usual and the trees are losing their leaves in this cold wind.
I wanted to attempt some fall pictures of the sheep but most were more interested in the hay that was put out for them. Shania is hoping that the shepherd will pull down some privett for her to snack on.

She did get a little bit of a treat! Shania's ram lamb (James Bond- moorit smirslet- caped flecket) is going to be traded next week for another ram lamb that is a black HST (Tundra). Shania and 4 other ewes will be bred to him. We are excited about this match. Two of Shania's daughters will also be put with him--Abigail (moorit-crimpy fleece) and Charlotte (moorit/smirslet-wavy fleece).

Camille is more interested in the hay. She is a "ghost" kat. Her fleece is long and super soft. We will be keeping her. Her mother, Cara, has produced 3 "ghost" kats in 3 breedings. Since we are breeding only 7 this fall, Cara will have a year off.

This coming weekend is SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair)--23rd-25th in Asheville. We have a great sheep show and meet great people and get to be tempted by other fiber! We can't wait!

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Nancy K. said...

OOOO! Your "Ghost Kat" is quite lovely! I've never seen one before. I think she's beautiful!