Friday, April 9, 2010


Hidaway Farms Mist (Misty), a fawn (?) smirslet (?) katmoget ewe lamb whose first time mom, Lucille Ball (Lucy), a grey katmoget looks on. Sire is Sycamore Farms Tundra, a black smirslet ram.
Hidaway Farms Twister, a moorit krunet (?) ram lamb out of Gina, a black and white yuglet and Rare Find Farms Cory, a fawn katmoget. It seems that the katmoget and spots cancel each other out and a solid is produced. Crazy, Crazy!
Four down and four to go. Tomorrow is day 146 for Sprinkles who looks like she will have twins. Monday is day 146 for Abby (guessing twins) and Tuesday will be day 146 for Shania. Of course that is if we have their dates right to begin with. We think Amelia will lamb around the 23rd or so of April.

There is nothing sweeter than little Shetland lambs to snuggle with and watch bouncing around their "playpen".


Kara said...

I had two years in a row when I bred a spotted ewe (HST) to katmoget and got a solid moorit lamb! It is crazy. Beautiful lambs...congrats!

Gail V said...

What a pretty color your little kat lamb is. I bet you were pretty surprised to see fawn!