Friday, May 15, 2015

Lamb Catch Up...One Ewe to Go!

 This here is Flint. Flint was a single Icelandic ram lamb. He had to have a little help coming into the world a couple weeks ago. He was coming one leg back. Then we saw that he was a preemie...drooping ears, no rear leg strength, no suck reflex and cloudy eyes...but he's a fighter! We slept in the barn that night, milking mom every hour and giving baby milk in a syringe. By late afternoon he was able to suck on a bottle and by the following morning he was nursing on his own!! In a few days his ears perked up and now he is a handsome little tank!
 Jolene has been such a good and patient momma!

 "Yup! My ears are up!!"
 He now thinks he is a lady's ram!
 We should have called him Shadow!
 Shetland ewe lambs from Caroline. On the left is Sapphire, black gulmoget and on the right is Opal, grey katmoget.
 We love these opposite patterns on these 2 Shetlands.
 These girls are so friendly and at this time are keepers!
 Last week, Icelandic ewe, Rosaline, gave birth to this leggy solid black ewe lamb. Her name is Amethyst.

 Amethyst is growing like crazy. Resting here with mom, Rosaline.
 A surprise met us at the gate yesterday morning...Moonpie with her 2 wildly spotted Icelandic lambs.
 On the left is Jacinth, ewe lamb and on the right is Onyx, ram lamb.
Mother's Day was celebrated with our girls and their guys! We are one blessed family!!


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