Saturday, May 30, 2015

March 27th-May 28th Lambing is finished for 2015

 Darla finally delivered on May 28th...and it was definitely worth the wait! She had 2 ewes lambs...Peridot and Ruby.
 Peridot is a black spotted mouflon just like Darla.
 Ruby is a black spotted Icelandic lamb with a solid black face and she has a black tail.
 The oldest Icelandic lambs...Emory with White Diamond and Moonstone.
 Rear view of these meaty growing lambs.
 My precious, friendly black Icelandic ewe lamb, Amethyst.
 Close up of her sweet face!
 Nice bodies on these lambs.
 This is Moonpie's precious ewe lamb, Jacinth.
 And here is her brother, Onyx. Love the coloring on these lambs.
 AWWWWW!! Here's Flint! We love this boy!
Icelandics and Shetlands are growing and doing well! Now...more late night barn checks until 2016.

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