Monday, March 30, 2009

More Babies and Promised Pictures

Introducing Bethia's little grey katmoget ewe lambs...Don't they look cozy together? Born at dark on March 28th.
Here the oldest girl makes Katie's aquaintance. We must befriend these little girls before letting them out of the lambing pens. Bethia is one of our original Shetlands and is a total hands-off kinda girl. She'll take them to the farthest corner of the pasture.

Look at the youngest lamb's little "sugar lips"! They have been bounding around the pen tonight like jumping beans!

Today Annie Oakely, another 8- year- old ewe, gave us two grey ram lambs from Rare Find Farms Emmett. This is one of the boys and the other one is almost identical. They have long legs and will have long straight fleeces.

Tommorrow we will introduce you to Butterscotch's lamb or lambs. She is in labor at the moment and it is almost time to go and check on her. Until then.....


Kara said...

Oh absolutely beautiful lambs!

Hidaway Farms Shetlands said...

Thank you! Butterscotch, a first time mom, had twins- a katmoget ram and ewe!! The score is now 3 to 3.


Jen and Rich Johnson said...

They are lovely! Congratulations.