Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Butterscotch's Babies (& Annie's again)

Introducing Butterscotch and her twin katmoget lambs. Butterscotch is a 2 year old first time mom. We were only expecting one lamb due to how she was carrying. Her little ewe seen here with her was the second one born and is the tiniest Shetland we have ever had. Our guess was about 3 pounds or so. She will be a fawn katmoget like her mom. Below is Butterscotch's ram lamb that was born first. He looks like he will be a grey katmoget. Their father is Rare Find Farm Emmett. He's a solid grey so it was interesting to get the two katmogets.
This tiny girl is going to be a real cutie! They were born Monday night. The little girl beat her brother to the milk bar!

Here is one of Annie's ram lambs. They have the same father as the ones above. What a face!

There's no one better than my mom!!!

Names are pending. We are waiting this year until all lambs are born before giving them James Bond character names.
Next lambing? Saturday, Sunday, and Monday if they go 146 days.


Kara said...

Great lamb photos and beautiful lambs. I keep coming back to look at those kat faces and remind myself mine should be here anytime now. My Shetlands were in with the rams for 3 full weeks before anyone one was bred as one set of my cross lambs will be 3 weeks on Monday. They can't hold out on me forever! Until then I will just admire yours! impatient in NY! ~ Kara

Hidaway Farms Shetlands said...

Thank you, Kara! Feel free to look as much as you'd like.

Waiting for lambs sure tries one's patience. Just remember...they are one day closer to being born.

Day 146 has passed for Ruth. Maybe 147 or 148. We need to write this down so that next year we know who goes earlier than who.

Kara said...

Got my "kat" face yesterday finally!