Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lambing Update

 Time to catch up with lambs at Hidaway Farms. Above is precious Magnolia, daughter of Heartthrob and Cedar born Saturday.
 Then came these two cuties after a long labor Sunday. Behind Amelia is her ram lamb, Everett. In front of Amelia is Emmalee a cute fawn katmoget with some spotting.
 Monday was busy when Abby went into labor in the morning. She delivered textbook style...two little white ewe lambs, Ivy and Ivory.
When we were cleaning out a lambing pen for Abby, Gina moved in and wouldn't leave. We locked her up and she was very content to stay there. Gina is a hands-off ewe so this was unusual behavior. We never see Gina lamb. Around 11 pm we found these two ram lambs. White one like Dad and black yuglet/sokket is just like Mom...2 ram lambs. The count was 6 to 6. Names pending.

Tuesday evening we noticed that Sprinkles was exhibiting signs of the beginning of labor. After much watching, leaving, watching, we realized that she wasn't making much progress. Around 12:22 Wednesday morning we knew we were going to have to intervene. When I checked her I found a tail...breech baby. We successfully delivered a beautiful spotted ram lamb and within 10 minutes another spotted ram lamb emerged. There guys have flock sire potential in my book. Pictures forthcoming.

2 Shetlands to lamb and 1 Icelandic...

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