Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Waiting, Watching, Waiting...

 "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...you wait and watch...how do you think we feel?"  A Shetland with an attitude? Naw, just Ruth showing her teeth.
 Ladies-in-waiting:  Back-Amelia and Abigail
                               Middle- Moonpie (Icelandic)
                               Front- Nala and Cinderella

Who are we waiting on?  Amelia bred to Sycamore Farms Duramax (Max)
                                        Abigail bred to Max
                                        Nala bred to Max
                                        Cinderella bred to Hidaway Farms Cedar
                                        Heartthrob bred to Cedar
                                        Ruth bred to Cedar
                                        Shania bred to Max
                                        Gina bred to Max
                                        Sprinkles bred to Max
                                        Electra bred to Max
                                        Moonpie bred to Sheldon (Icelandics from Tennessee)

Tomorrow begins 146 days that we thought we saw some ruffled wool. So from tomorrow until the end of April...we watch. All but one should go within the next two weeks!

A Shepherd's Christmas is coming...Anticipation!!
"No need to watch me! I was only born last July for goodness sake!" Yes, Darla, but next spring we will be watching you too!!

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