Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We're Almost There!

 Dalton and Duke were born early, early Wednesday morning on the 17th. The second little guy above was the first born and he was coming breech. When Sprinkles wasn't making progress around 12:45 AM , I checked and there was a tiny tail only! All went well as I assisted in the birth with Katie holding mom. Second ram came very quickly and the correct way.
 Pending horn growth, one of these little guys will become one of two flock sires for next year. After I sleep all night for a while, of course.
 These cute little guys were born Sunday, April 21st. The fawn katmoget is Wilson and his brother, the moorit krunet, is Weston. Weston was trying to be born with one leg back and one leg forward. After a little help from the shepherdess, he arrived ready to get up and go.
 Growing lambs love to play and rest around the poplar trees as Beulah, our donkey, is on duty in the background.
 Lambs are growing. Everett is above. Ivy and Ivory are below.

 Sleepy boys...
Emmalee checking out what looks good to eat or chew on or get into!

Two to go...Moonpie (Icelandic) will definitely be sooner than later. Cinderella will probably be later.

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