Monday, April 13, 2015

Lamb Update

 Hidaway Farms Cora delivered two ram lambs on April 8th. The boy above is a black gulmoget named Clay.
 Clay's twin brother, Coal is pictured here. He was smaller than his older brother.
 24 hours later, Hidaway Farms Emmalee  delivered a moorit ewe lamb, Emerald and her brother out in the pasture on nice green grass.
 Emerald's moorit gulmoget brother, Jasper. This was Emmalee's first time lambing and it was textbook perfect. At 1:45 pm water bubble emerged. At 2:00 ewe lamb was born. At 2:05 ewe lamb was standing and trying to nurse. At 2:10 ram lamb was born!

 Here's the precious little family.
 Slate is resting by the tree.
 "Aren't I cute?"
Granite and Black Pearl resting in the shade.

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