Saturday, April 18, 2015

Warning!! Lamb Pictures

 Emory with ram lamb, Moonstone, and ewe lamb, White Diamond. Icelandics.
 It's exciting to be out for the first time.
 "Come on...let's go exploring!"
 "It's okay, Mom. I won't go far!"
 This picture makes me want to say..."Happy Easter!"
 Looks like Diamond has black eyeliner.
 Pink heart shaped cute!

 Cutie Pies!

 Tired after all that running and exploring.
 Doing what lambs do best...sleep and eat.
 Moonpie is looking a little large.
 Darla...of course.
 Rosaline looks a little hefty, too.
 My favorite shepherd and my favorite sheep!
 Here is part of the Shetland brat pack.
 Topaz...Shetland ewe lamb.

 Granite and Black Pearl, Shetlands, resting in the grass.

 Emerald, Shetland ewe lamb.
 Love this boy! Jasper.
 Clay with a smile on his face as he rests.
5 Shetlands have lambed with 1 to go. 5 ram lambs and 3 ewe lambs so far.
1 Icelandic has lambed with 4 to go. 1 ram lamb and 1 ewe lamb so far.
Looks like we have to wait  a couple of weeks before the others lamb. This will be the longest lambing season ever!

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