Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Jane

Introducing our bottle lamb, Jane Austin- she is a musket (?) katmoget. The wool on her body is an oatmeal color just like her mom's. She has brown wool on her legs and belly. She is getting stronger each day. Today she ran around with us in the pasture and likes to stay right by your feet. We are hoping that the two little ewe lambs in the pasture will become her friends. Bethia's boy already tried to be the bully toward her. Someone is always trying to be top sheep!

Here are Gina's lambs. The ram, Rhett Butler, is moorit with a very crimpy fleece. His sister,
Scarlet O'Hara, is a very dark grey katmoget.

Being the last of the babies they are the least friendly. We didn't give them as much attention as we have the previous babies. Maybe they'll be curious and we'll get to pet them. I love the thick legs on these two.

Now that lambing is over we get to watch them grow and play. The lamb races have begun. I need a picture or two of that.

We feel very blessed with the 21 healthy lambs that we have. I think we will be keeping about 5 or 6 of the ewe lambs but the rest will eventually be for sale. We will pick a couple of the rams to show this fall as well as the ewes that we will keep. There is nothing like sitting in the pasture with curious babies checking you out and enjoying some scratches.


Nancy K. said...

I've enjoyed my visit to your blog! What pretty babies you have. Congratulations on a successful lambing season. I'll visit again...

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Well I enjoyed seeing your lamb photos too! Beautiful colors and combinations...they are lovely!