Friday, April 11, 2008

Lots of Happy Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to my mom today! We also had birthdays for six lambs...

What a day! Last night we knew that 2 ewes were in labor. One was an old pro that we didn't worry about but one was a first time mom. We put them both in their lambing jugs at about 8:00 pm. Sheep check at 10- nothing, 1:00 am this morning- nothing, 4:00 am- 2 sets of twins. Each set of twins was a ram and a ewe. Our count was still even. We were happy!
Little Eagle Daisy, a moorit experienced ewe, delivered two katmogets. This little guy is a spotted katmoget, our first. I'm not sure but I think he will be fawn. His name is Benjamin Franklin.
His sister, Amelia Earhart is a little darker. They were dry and nursing when my husband found them. Daisy isn't a friendly ewe so any time we go near, she proceeds to stomp her foot at us.
Our 2 year old, Ruth, delivered 2 katmogets also. She is a black and white yuglet flecket ewe. She was delivered by C-section two years ago so we were a little concerned with how she would lamb. She did it all on her own and loves them. This precious little guy is Patrick Henry and I think he would also be considered a spotted katmoget. I think he will be fawn in color.
Then we have a tiny baby girl named Minnie Pearl. I don't know if she even weighs 3 lbs. She is one of the smallest Shetlands that we have ever had.
We are thrilled with the colors and patterns that were thrown by Cory.
Then...this afternoon Bethia delivered two black ram lambs. I'm not sure if they will stay black since Bethia is grey and so is Emmett, the ram. My oldest daughter was hoping for a nice ewe. Bethia has only delivered 2 girls in the 5 years that she has lambed. We kept one of her ewes. Pictures will come later.
Wow, what a day! It is nice to think that we can actually sleep all night tonight. We have 5 more to go. Lamb count: 7 rams and 5 ewes.

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