Friday, April 25, 2008

Baby Jane

Our bottle baby is trying to figure out where she fits into the scheme of things in the barnyard at our house. Jane is a week old and really would like to be one of the sheep. She is kept in a large pen in the barn between feedings and run around time. She would love to be out all the time but without a mom to look out for her, it's just too early. There are 4 mothers that chase her away or butt her when she gets near their heads. She's learning to move a little more quickly. Then there are two yearlings, one was our bottle lamb last year. Then there is Sarah, our bottle lamb from 2 years ago that didn't get bred last fall. So no one really wants to put up with a little feisty ewe lamb.

In the top picture she is checking out Sarah. We have had 3 years experience with bottle babies but due to a rejection issue with the mother not a death. In the second picture Jane is eyeing a pipe that she really wants to jump over. Some day, Jane. Just not today.

Tomorrow I will be demonstrating spinning at the Historic Johnson Farm Festival. At least I will have an excuse to sit and spin all day. I still won't make a dent in the roving that I have accumulated.

We are hoping to shear next week....that means more fiber!! I better get a lot done tomorrow!

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