Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3 Sets of Twins in 14 Hours....

Within 14 hours, cold and windy temperatures, and snow flurries this morning, we had 6 lambs born. Beginning around 7 pm on April 5, Cara (147 days gestation) gave us a solid moorit (at this time) ram lamb (below) and the cute katmoget ewe lamb above with the spot on her hip. Cara (mom) is grey and Cory (dad) is a fawn katmoget. Both are very mild mannered and so are these babies. They are calm and love to be handled and touched. It is amazing that their personalities can be passed down as well as physical traits!! Katie was petting the ewe lamb and stopped. Immediately the little girl began to paw her leg...not even 24 hrs. old and just like her mom.
Around 11:00 pm, Ruth (148 days gestation) lambed beside me as we were sitting in the hay in the barn waiting and watching. Ruth is yuglet/flecket and doesn't know a stranger. She didn't mind us nearby at all. We moved a little for the 2nd one as I thought she might lamb in my lap. Ruth presented us with a katmoget ram lamb and this precious smirlset katmoget ewe lamb (below). She's definitely a keeper. We want to wait until all the lambs are born before giving them names but I'm thinking of Christmas, or Camile, or Natalia...James Bond characters- don't forget.

This morning between 7 and 9, Maisie (147 days gestation) delivered two ram lambs. A beautiful shiny black fellow and a katmoget. Rare Find Farms Cory is the sire to all these lambs. Pictures soon, babies were napping and aren't very photogenic in the lambing pens.
The count is now 7 ram lambs and 5 ewe lambs. We are 2/3 finished. 6 moms down and 3 to go.
Thursday will be day 146 for Shania and Abby. Then Saturday will be day 146 for Sprinkles. We would love to have Good Friday and Easter babies.
Excited about next week...I have Easter break and lots of time to play with baby Shetlands!!

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Kara said...

You are busy too in the lovely weather we all have been experiencing. Those lambs are BEAUTIFUL! Well done. I know you mean about personalities, it is really amazing. Okay I have my kat faces but I still like coming to see yours too. :)