Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sheer Pleasure/ Shear Pleasure

Visiting with lambs after shearing day is sheer pleasure!! Yesterday we sheared 22 sheep -
1 ram, 4 wethers, and the rest, ewes.
Hidaway Farms Solitaire (a single katmoget) rests beside Katie today. Rothey and Katie helped in the shearing of our 9 mothers. There wasn't as much confusion in the barnyard today as there has been in the past. Maybe this group of babies is smarter than the rest...they recognize their moms after a haircut!

Oh, the joys and peace of being a little lamb hanging out with the shepherdess!

These two little ram lambs want a piece of the action...or lack thereof.

"Baa, Baa Black Sheep have you any wool?"
"Yes sir, yes sir, 29 bags full!"
At this moment our livingroom is host to those 29 bags of wool. Lovely perfume...o' de ovine!!

Our yearlings had some beautiful fleeces. (Will post pictures when we have time to start skirting them.)


Christy said...

Your lambs look so friendly! How did you do that? We have a lamb that is scared to death of us. She hides behind her mom all the time.

Hidaway Farms Shetlands said...

Hi Christy,

There seems to be 3 things that make a lamb friendly. The first is the disposition of the parents. Secondly, bonding with them in the lambing jug works wonders. Thirdly, spend plenty of time in the pasture sitting on the ground and usually curiosity gets the best of them. Once they realize you will scratch under their chest they will be hooked.

corinne said...

Ohhh, the smell of ovine in the morning, I know it well LOL! Beautiful kats! I am not sure why I haven't found your blog before, I will add it to my blog roll!

Claire said...

Love the pictures! Found you via Corinne's blog. Must visit again! I spent lots of time with our Icelandic lambs in the jug but they are still scared silly. Sigh.