Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Introducing Electra and Money Penny...

(Don't forget...James Bond characters!)

Introducing Electra (The World is Not Enough) and Money Penny....

These beautiful little katmoget ewe lambs are from Highlander Farms Bethia (grey) and Hidaway Farms Razzle (grey katmoget). Bethia is one of our original flock that we purchased not knowing much about Shetlands. She has a show winning single coated lustrous fleece. Bethia is 8 years old.

These ewe lambs were our first born this season on March 28th. Electra was born first and she has a darker fleece than her younger sister. She also has the white markings on her head. Money Penny (pictured above and at the very top) is the most friendly but has brought her sister along for the ride. Penny will be a very light grey. They have very wavy fleeces that have a great amount of luster and are they ever soft.

Electra shows this young ram lamb who's boss!! Big girls rule!!

Bethia is a hands-off survivalist sheep so they stayed in the lambing pen for a week so that we could bond with the lambs. Bond we did. (No pun intended!) They come running as soon as they see us. They will be a mess when they are older. They are both growing very nicely with very loud "maas".

Money Penny is on the left and Electra is on the right. Katie says that these are keepers too! I guess that's because Penny, Electra, and Solitaire are her ewe lambs!!

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