Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Need a fiber friend?

This post will highlight the fiber friends that would like to find a new home. There are some amazing fleeces on these sheep! Here are Alexander Graham Bell and Abraham Lincoln. Alex is a very soft moorit wether. His brother, Abe, is a very soft grey wether. They have nice fine fleeces and are looking for someone who will enjoy those lamb fleeces! Their mother, Abigail, won best natural colored fleece at the North Carolina Mtn. State Fair last fall. Here is Ricky Ricardo. He is a black wether that has a soft dense fleece. He has a brother, Fred Mertz, that looks identical to him. Both are ready to go home with someone who likes the darker fleeces. They have great faces!!
I was hoping to keep this fellow a ram but his horns concerned us. He is a fawn, spotted katmoget wether. His fleece is very soft. It will be a great spinning fleece! Plus, who can resist that face?
We also have 3 more wether lambs available. Two, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, are very friendly (great pets) and they have very dense black fleeces. We also have Orville Wright who is going to be grey, and he has a huge fleece. If you're interested, we would love to hear from you.

We also have a couple of older Shetlands that would like to live in a spinner's flock. Introducing Goliath...he is a 2-year-old black (greyling) wether. This past spring he produced the largest fleece on the farm. He is shy but loves animal crackers!

Next we have Windswept Madam Hooch. She is a 5-year-old light grey ewe. She has a beautiful soft fleece. She usually has twins or triplets and always rejects one of her lambs. Yes, we continued to breed her for some crazy reason,and we have 3 sheep that we can't part with. The first is now three-years-old. Padgett lived in our house in diapers and even went to school with me. Then we have two -year-old Sarah. We learned our lesson, and she lived in the barn. She still doesn't think she is your normal sheep. Neither does Padgett for that matter. Then we have a yearling, Almond Joy. She is the most "normal" out of them all. She will still call to us when she hears us coming. We finally realized that we had enough bottle babies so we didn't breed Hooch this year. (Then of course this year Cadey died, and we have bottle baby, Jane Austin.) We would like to sell her to a spinner's flock because she will never win the "mother of the year" award. We don't recommend any further breeding. Some days she is extremely friendly towards humans and loves to be rubbed. Then there are days that she likes to be independent.

Later this week... rams for sale and ewes for sale!! Be watching for 4 ram lambs, 1 yearling ram, 1 yearling ewe, and possibly 3 ewe lambs!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday to Belle on July 4th!

We are a two dog family! Belle celebrated her 15th birthday yesterday! WOW! She is a dachshund-terrier mix. We always take a Belle birthday picture. Other than cataracts, being hard of hearing and a few fatty lumps, she is quite healthy. She sleeps most of the day and every once in a while will have a running spurt. Katie was in Kindergarten when we got Belle. It's hard to believe that Katie has already finished two years in college, and Lauren will be going in the fall.

Tucker Blue is an Australian cattle dog. He will be ten years old at the end of the month. Tucker used to go to the barn every day with Rothey until we got Beulah, our donkey, in January. Now he just looks on from the fence and gets to play with his rope when Rothey comes back from the barn. He never truly was used for herding. Tucker just thought that was his job.

Belle has always been the head honcho since she was 5 when we brought Tucker home as a puppy. Although, he tries to "herd" her sometimes! She doesn't stand much of it these days.

It is truly amazing how your dogs become a very integral part of your family! They are always happy to see you, and they love you no matter what!!