Sunday, March 29, 2015

First Lambs of 2015

 Ivy was the only Shetland we didn't have on the calendar with a due date. Her udder has been developing more than any of the other sheep over the past 3 weeks. We figured she would be first and when she lambed last night on March 28th, we knew that she was bred the day we put the ram in with the ewes. Never had that happen before.
 This year the theme will be Gems & Minerals. So we introduce to you Hidaway Farms Granite (white speckled) ram lamb and Black Pearl, ewe lamb.
 This little guy was actually born 2nd to his sister. Mom was a first time lamber and she did fabulously well!
 We asked for advice on the Shetland page on Facebook in regard to his markings. It was suggested that he is white/black Ilget.
 Mom looks out of her pen as babies sleep in the back corner.
I think he would like to be a rodeo clown.

Looking for more lambs in the middle of the week. We are off to a great start!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Friendly Faces and Wide Places

 Rattle, Rattle, here come the cattle...nope...sheep!
 Sheep with babies...coming soon!
 End of March or beginning of April...
 Darla...later in April.

 Shetland and Icelandic
 Ivy may be first to go.
 Emory will be the first Icelandic to lamb.
 Cora or Caroline? We have near identical twins and rarely can tell them apart...tag numbers!
 Since 2010 we have had a nesting Cooper's Hawk ( I think) pair.
My favorite Icelandic, Moonpie! She loves me. As we were leaving the pasture, she came after us. She usually does.