Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall in WNC

Katie found some beautiful leaves to photograph this fall as well as our surrounding mountains.
Cory, our 4-year-old fawn katmoget ram, has 3 ladies in his breeding group. Annie, an 8-year-old ewe, (grey on the far left) will be bred for the last time. She has never been with Cory before so we are excited to see what they will produce. Sprinkles (behind Cory) will be with Cory for the 2nd time. Gina, a black yuglet, wasn't bred last year and is with Cory for the 3rd time.

Peeking around the post is our new ram, Sycamore Farms Tundra. He is a black smirslet out of Bluff Country Sandman and Hidaway Farms Bridgett. We sold Bridgett as a lamb to the Orr's and since we wanted some HST's we decided to bring back some of our original lines with some new ones. Charlotte is next to Tundra, then Abby, Emily, Patty, and Shania. Emily and Patty will be bred and then sent to their new home. Not pictured is Amelia and Lucy. Charlotte and Emily are yearling twins out of Shania and Abby is Shania's first ewe. Spots are in Amelia's background as well. So, that is a total of 8 ewes being bred for us here at Hidaway Farms.
I'm on fall break for two days and loving it....spinning and weaving a shawl....visiting with the sheep....enjoying beautiful weather as my hubby puts up hay for winter!!