Friday, December 18, 2009

Home For The Holidays

Snow before Christmas in Hendersonville, NC? Highly unlikely!! It has been a very wet summer and now maybe a wet winter?

My Christmas break began a day early from teaching middle schoolers. Snow began this morning at 6:00 AM with the possibility of 6 to 12 inches throughout the day. School was cancelled which means that we will have our Christmas concert and class parties in January.
We have about 8 inches tonight and as I blog it is sleeting. The forecast says that it will taper off soon leaving us with a cold, white, icy landscape.

Evening chores were very interesting!! Some of the sheep are dry and others look as though they haven't come in out of the snow.
My husband trudges through the white stuff with me lagging behind with the camera. A snow event is quite unusual for these parts. Well, for the past few years anyway.

Peppermint Patty and Charlotte Bronte (moorit smirslet) anticipate supper. Patty was to leave for her new home today along with Emily Bronte but that was postponed.
Charlotte is a yearling in one of our two breeding groups. We still aren't sure if she bred or not.
Breeding was really late this year for some reason. Looks like some lambs will come late April.

Tundra peers around the barn trying to decide whether to visit me or not. We planned on separating our breeding groups this weekend. Plans have changed!!

Here's the 2nd breeding group of Annie, Sprinkles and Gina. They have all been settled and are waiting to be moved here to our house for lambing. Gina (black yuglet) will be the first to lamb during the first week of April (maybe).

Do we really have to come out today? What about supper in the barn?
Yes, it's nice to be home for the holidays! I have been writing out my Christmas cards. Yes, I'm late. I'm also knitting a scarf to go with my dress coat. It's Annie and Maisie, a mother/daughter pair. What a beautiful day to be at home with the Christmas lights on, candles burning, and snow!
Merry Christmas!!