Saturday, April 23, 2011

Waiting No Longer...

God answered our prayers...with my husband so ill we have been praying that lambing would happen with the ewes doing all the work. God answered our prayers when He allowed my husband to be home from the hospital for 10 days as lambing occured. The hospital he was at and has since returned to is about 50 minutes away. I was a little stressed about being here and there all at the same time...they did it themselves with a little assistance for the last lamb!

Above is our oldest daughter, Katie with her favorite girl, Nala. Our youngest daughter, Lauren selected a Disney theme for this year's lamb names.

Our stats for 2011: 10 rams and 3 ewes. 3 singles and 5 sets of twins. Like I mentioned...we prayed for safe deliveries and healthy lambs! Thank you, Lord, for taking care of us!

All of the lambs except the last one born were sired by Mapleton Thunder, a moorit and white yuglet flecket.

On April 2, Electra, a first time mom, gave birth to a black ram lamb. Then we waited a week and...

On April 10th, Lucy gave birth to a ewe lamb and a ram lamb. Nala is a smirslet katmoget. Not sure of what color to call her...light grey or white? Simba is a moorit with a few white hairs on his head.

Then on April 11th, Amelia gave birth to two ram lambs. Above is Buzz, a moorit boy.

Below is Woody, a fawn katmoget.

That afternoon on the 11th, Camille gave birth to look alike lambs. Above is Peter Pan and Tinker Bell wouldn't allow me to photograph her. She is a darker brown but both have sugar lips. So I guess they will be musket? These two came from a first time mom and they are our tiniest lambs of the year.

At daybreak on the 12th of April, Charlotte gave us adorable lambs. Above is Slinky, a moorit and white yuglet flecket ram lamb that is mostly white. His sister is below. Jessie, is quite a pip!

Jessie has a real perky personality. She is a moorit smirslet sokket.

Later that day, Gina gave us these two beautiful RAMS. On the left is a moorit and white boy named Donald Duck. To his right, Mickey Mouse, a black and white yuglet flecket.

For the past 3 years, Shania has given us ram lambs. We sure would love a beautiful spotted daughter before she is retired! On April 14th she gave us a moorit and white yuglet flecket ram.

Here is Prince Charming (Charm). He looks just like his father.

Last but not least is this little guy sired by Rare Find Farms Cory. He will be a little musket guy and is unnamed as of yet.

Needless to say...all these precious boys are for sale. Choosing ewes to keep was made quite simple this year!!

I would love to spend more time with the sheep but the hospital calls. Please keep my husband in your prayers as he continues to battle pancreatitis and its effects. Possible surgery next week and hopefully home before too long!!

Shearing will commence next weekend! Yippee!!

Have a blessed and beautiful Easter as we celebrate our reason for living!!