Friday, October 12, 2012

Day Trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway

 Around 215 miles, 8 hours, a picnic in the truck because of rain, stopping at 5 visitor centers, beautiful scenery by our Creator, and being with family...PRICELESS!!
 Above the clouds...
 At Graveyard fields...
 Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi, 50 degrees and drizzly...
 The family included Dixie Dotson, Lauren's Dachshund... ;)

 Wow!! Mountain ridges as far as the eye can see...
I am so thankful to call North Carolina home!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012: NC Mountain State Fair Open Sheep Show

 Letty Klein was the judge for the Open Wool Show as well as the Open Sheep Show this year. Katie and I entered 7 fleeces from this past year's shearing. One was in the white Shetland class, and 6 were in the natural colored Shetland class. Katie's white fleece from a yearling wether, Gus, won the class as well as Shania's natural colored fleece. Both went on to be judged in the Champion Fleece class. Gus won the Champion white fleece. How exciting as Hidaway Farms has never had this honor before!
 Katie with both of her 1st place Shetland fleeces.
 Classes for Shetlands averaged about 18 sheep. The largest classes were ram lambs, ewe lambs, aged ewes, and the fleece class. Katie's ram lamb, Hickory, placed 2nd in his natural colored class.
 We had the 1st place white ewe lamb with Carolina Rose (Rosie) shown here by Lauren, 1st place white yearling with Cinderella shown here by Katie, 4th and 5th place natural colored ewe lamb with Juneberry, and Lily, 4th place natural colored yearling with Nala, 3rd place aged ewe with Heartthrob, 1st place white fleece and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place natural colored fleece.
Katie's Cinderella won Reserve Champion Shetland ewe.

We showed well this year and even better than showing miracle of a husband drove the truck and trailer to the fair!! Thank you, Jesus!