Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Sheep in the South

 A few inches from Monday night with more to come Wednesday night.
 Hungry Shetlands and Icelandics...
 Jolene says, "We're waiting!!"
 Birmingham, Icelandic ram on left and Jolene, Icelandic ewe on right.
 Ivy, Shetland, looks on.
 "Stop taking pictures and get our food, please!"
 Moonpie says, "She said please!"
 Look at that dusty face after eating grain...yet there is a smile!
 Heartthrob waits to come in for hay.
 So is Darla...
 And so is Rosaline! No sheep starved to death in this photo shoot!
First snow at our house in 2015 and more is falling as I type this blog!!****