Saturday, February 16, 2013


 The 3 batts above remind me of a winter and grey with clouds or snow...remind me because we have had an unseasonably warm winter with little snow.
 The yarn was spun and then plied with a metallic blue thread.
This yarn consists of cream and grey natural colored Shetland wool and blue dyed Shetland wool (by Katie), some blue/purple fine wool, nepps, soy silk, firestar, and recycled soda bottles. Yes, soda is a shiny soft white fiber...amazing stuff.

Winter sky describes today...grey clouds this morning...snow flurries at sky with white wispy clouds this afternoon!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's Fun To Get A Pound!

 Thanks to our new friend, Laura, that sold us our first Icelandic...we have experienced SAPGAP (Spin a Pound/Get a Pound). Above you see cream colored roving that was shipped to Stacy in Maryland where it is presently being dyed purple/plum (my half) and will be blended with other fibers to be made into an art yarn. I am eagerly anticipating the results of this venture.

The grey roving above was spun and navajo plied (my half) by Annie in New York. The lovely picture of yarn is that special creation along with a little skein of boucle in blue. Thanks to Annie for a quick turn around of my half and a wonderful finished product.

The grey and cream roving below was shipped last week to Brittni in Amarillo, Texas where it will be turned into more art yarn.

We were contacted by another spinner to trade roving for yarn and she lives within 45 minutes of me. So...Ashley and Michele came to our home/farm...we had a wonderful visit and I was able to send them both home with roving to become a masterpiece. Ashley has already dyed and spun part of mine with wonderful greens and blues with beads even!! Looking forward to many more creative skeins in our future...and new fiber friends!

The sheep in the picture below is our Shania, one of the 10 Shetland ewes waiting to lamb in April.

Posts of more finished yarn will be coming soon...(if you are interested in SAPGAP let me know!)