Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Growing Icelandics and Shetland Lambs

 This is Jacinth, Moonpie's black spotted ewe lamb.
 Jacinth and Onyx are twin Icelandic lambs.
 Here is Darla's black spotted ewe lamb, Ruby.
 This is Darla's black mouflon spotted ewe lamb, Peridot.
 Ruby and Peridot are Icelandic lambs.
 Peridot. See her eye flashes?
 Peridot and Ruby again.
 This is Emory's white ewe lamb, White Diamond.
 Here is Moonstone, Emory's ram lamb.
 Moonstone has funny, wiggly scurs.
 Emory and Moonstone...he is a growing boy!
 Brother and Sister Icelandics.
 Flint with little wiggly scurs.
 His black fleece is soooo nice!
 He is Jolene's hefty ram lamb.
 Here is Cora's, black gulmoget Shetland ram lamb, Clay.
 Rear view of Caroline's black gulmoget ewe lamb, Sapphire.
 Emmalee's moorit gulmoget Shetland ram lamb, Jasper.
 Nice soft fleece on this guy and it's grey brown on his back and sides.
Jasper's sister, Emerald who is a solid moorit...lovely fleece!