Friday, April 20, 2012

Sheep Antics! :)

 Let the races begin...

Being a lamb...such hard work!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Rest of Our Lambs

 Our Easter babies on April 8th were a nice surprise! Hidaway Farms Aurora and Rare Find Farm Cory are the proud parents. Above is Lily enjoying her new world. Below is Aurora with Lily lying down and Hickory standing.
 Then on Wednesday, April 11th, Aurora's sister, Stormy, gave us Juneberry and Cedar. Cory is the sire of these two as well. If you notice, the colors and patterns are almost identical except the sex of the lambs is different. Aurora has a katmoget ewe and a moorit ram. Stormy has a moorit ewe and a katmoget ram (below).
Our last lambs to arrive came on Thursday, April 12th, to Hidaway Farms Abigail and Mapleton Thunder. Abby delivered two ewe lambs. Orchid is a moorit and white yuglet sokket, and Violet is moorit with a white frame around her face.
Below are resting lambs, Orchid and Violet.
Couldn't resist some more pictures of our bottle lambs, Rosie and Huck.
Rosie on the run...
Huck, standing beside Katie like a good baby...
And Katie with Black-eyed Susan who is growing like a weed!
Coming soon...SHEEP ANTICS!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Lamb, Lambs, Lamb, Lambs...

Flowers and trees will be the theme for 2012 lambs...

Tuesday, April 3- Hidaway Farms Lucy with Mapleton Thunder gave us a fine strapping boy...Birch 

 Friday, April 6- Hidaway Farms April began labor around 10 am...not much progression was being made...reminiscent of a lambing past...a trip to the vet and a c-section later produced these two lovelies above...a first time mom...two bottle lambs...all are well. The ram lamb (on left) is Huckleberry (Huck) and his little sister (on right) is Carolina Rose (Rosie).
 That night at the 10 o'clock feeding, Hidaway Farms Lightning produced this dark brown ewe lamb, Laurel...easy lambing for this first time mom...thank you, Lord! All 3 lambs on April 6th were sired by Mapleton Thunder.
 Our first lamb, Black-eyed Susan is growing up to be a very nice and friendly young lady much to her mother's chagrin!

...And we had Easter lambs!! Coming soon...Lily and Hickory...

Monday, April 2, 2012

It's That Time of Year...

 ...lambing has begun at Hidaway Farms with a surprise delivery!  March 30, 2012--Hidaway Farms Black-eyed Susan was born to Hidaway Farms Gina and Mapleton Thunder. What a nice surprise!!