Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gold Nuggets...

in my life this year...a very difficult yet amazing year! Our daughters Lauren and Katie turned 21 and 23 during their Daddy's hospitalization.
Lauren graduated from Gardner-Webb University with her Associate Degree in Nursing and continues working on her BSN online.
Missing from her nurse's pinning and graduation were her Dad and Grandpa (my father). Her cap was in honor of her Dad and in memory of her Grandfather who passed away in August 2010. (Yes, Dad, we are Champions!!)

Katie graduated first from North Greenville University with a Bachelor's Degree in Math. She is continuing her education online at Liberty University as she works at The Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site.
In January after Rothey became sick we had to have our beloved Belle put to sleep at the age of 17 1/2. This little cherub (Ha!) above is Dixie...Lauren's graduation present.
Katie with little Cinderella, our surprise lamb from the last post.
...first place Shetland pair at the NC Mt. State Fair...Sprinkles and Solitaire...mother and daughter...
...fleece show at SAFF...color champion from Abby.
Katie pleased with that big purple ribbon!

Just a few of the nuggets in our lives this year...and...Rothey will be able to come home from the hospital before Thanksgiving...11 months since necrotizing pancreatitis changed our lives...God is good and faithful and He has done great things!!!