Monday, September 23, 2013

We have recovered!

 ...From the 2013 North Carolina Mountain State Fair!! What a wonderful fair! The weather was perfect, gathering with friends was terrific, and showing sheep was fun! This year Katie had a group of 4-Her's show during the Junior Show. They had a wonderful time and did a great job with our Shetlands and Icelandics.
 Katie with Duke, our Shetland ram who placed first in the Shetland class and Henderson, our Icelandic ram who placed first in the Long Wool class.
 Henderson won Reserve Champion Long Wool ram.
 Katie and I showing Joelene and Rosaline in the Long Wool Ewe Lamb class with judge, Susan McFarland. Joelene was first in her class.
 Katie with our yearling Shetland ewe, Violet. She was 2nd in that class.
 The judge really liked Darla, our yearling Icelandic ewe. With the 4-Her's, Darla was first in the Long Wool yearling ewe class and in the fleece class. She went on to win Reserve Champion Long Wool Ewe and Supreme Champion Fleece.
 Katie was thrilled she purchased her at SAFF last year! She was first in her class in the open show and won Reserve Champion Long Wool ewe again.
 This year was the first time I entered the plant competition. It was so much fun! My most unusual hanging basket was 1st in its class and won a Judge's Choice.
 This is Katie's first place shawl. She entered yarn and scarves as well.
 My succulent mini gardens did quite well.

This year was a hit...looking forward to going to Raleigh for the NC State Fair before SAFF in October.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Latest Acquisitions...

Welcome to Hidaway Farms...3 new Icelandic ewes...2 lambs and a yearling from Abingdon, Virginia.
 Above and below is my ewe lamb, Rosaline. She is a black badgerface like Henderson in the last post. She will be bred to him in the fall of 2014. We should have more lovely badgerface babies then.

 This is Katie's ewe lamb, Joelene. She looks to us like a spotted badgerface. She also will go with Henderson in 2014. We prefer not to breed ewes we will have to wait patiently.
 Because we wanted another ewe beside Darla to breed to Henderson this fall, we purchased this lovely yearling ewe, Emory. She is considered white, I believe. She has a champagne colored head as well as legs.

We are so excited to have purchased these quality animals from the Klings. Looking forward to building a quality Icelandic flock.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lambs Continued...

 Above and below...Henderson, our polled black badger face Icelandic ram lamb.
 His fleece is amazing! For being double-coated...WOW! It is soft and lovely. His confirmation is great and when he looks at you with his big eyes it is all you can do to resist the temptation to love on him!
 Cora, above, is a lovely dark katmoget Shetland ewe lamb. She is one of our keeper lambs.
 Ivory, above, is a sweet white ewe lamb. She has speckles on her legs and face. Ivory is for sale.
 Above is Dexter with his mom, Nala. He is shaping up to be a really nice ram. Dexter is for sale.
 Electra and her daughter having a little snuggle time even though it is very, very hot outside.
 Afternoon rest time in the shade by the creek.
Emmalee says, "What you lookin' at?" She is our only fawn katmoget ewe lamb and we are keeping her around.

If anyone is looking for some fiber pets or breeding animals, we may be able to help you out. We have 2 ram lambs, 1 ewe lamb, and 7 wethers seeking new pastures. :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Grazing Lambs