Sunday, December 28, 2014

Shetland Breeding Group

 This fall we had only two breeding Shetland and one Icelandic. We used this really nice grey gulmoget ram lamb on 8 ewes. Two of the ewes will soon be leaving for their new homes.
 Hidaway Farms Cinderella- grey yuglet
 Hidaway Farms Cora and Caroline- twin grey katmogets and Hidaway Farms Emmalee- fawn katmoget
 Rare Find Farm Heartthrob- grey
 Hidaway Farms Nala (sold)- fawn katmoget and Hidaway Farms Ivy- white
 Hidaway Farms Orchid (sold)- moorit yuglet sokket

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall is in the Air at Hidaway Farms!

 Rear view of the Shetland & Icelandic flock grazing.
 Hidaway Farms Addison - moorit gulmoget Shetland ewe lamb.
 Darla, black and white spotted mouflon horned Icelandic ewe.
 Rosaline, yearling black badgerface Icelandic ewe.
 Joelene, black spotted badgerface yearling Icelandic ewe.
 Rosaline and Shetland, Violet in the background.
 Darla grazing.
 Rosaline and Moonpie, black Icelandic ewe.
 Lovely time of year!
 2014 NC Mountain State Fair- Long wool flock with our new polled Icelandic ram lamb, Birmingham.
 Rosaline, Champion Long Wool Ewe and Supreme Champion Ewe shown by Christine.
Emmalee, Champion Shetland Ewe with Katie, shown by Lauren.

Fabulous fair...can't wait for SAFF!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Cities and States

 This year our theme for lambs will be...cities and states of the USA. As of today we have 6 lambs...3 sets of twins...4 rams and 2 ewes. Three Shetland mothers have lambed...5 Shetlands to go and 3 Icelandics.
 First up was Electra on March 31st. Her two sons are above...grey smirslet (looks black now) is Lorado and his flashy smirslet katmoget brother is Lincoln. They are the bullies of the group.
 These cuties are Nala's twins born April 1st. Above (see his horn buttons?) is Vance...he is a fawn katmoget. His sister is the little moorit one with him below. Her name is Virginia.
 Lambs are just like toddlers...into everything and exploring...especially with their mouths.
 "Life is good!" Looks like Virginia is smiling.
 Lambs also constantly try out those long as Mom is nearby.
 Born to Violet on Saturday, April 5th, was a solid moorit ram lamb and an adorable moorit gulmoget ewe lamb. We are calling him Austin, His tiny sister is Addison.
Welcome to our flock, little ones! You will soon have more friends to play with!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snowy Sheep

 Katie had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb...
 Duke and Huck in the snow...Huck has his tongue out to catch snowflakes.
 Emmalee and Ivy, two of our 2013 ewe lambs.
 Rothey getting in the mule as the snow picks up for the second round of the day.
 This is the first significant snow we have had in a few years. We ended up with about 10 inches.
 Darla (Icelandic), Violet and Nala (Shetlands) look on as food is being prepared.
 My sweet Moon Pie, our big Icelandic girl. Her gold eyes always stand out and she usually shows us her teeth.
 Electra didn't mind all the snow that covered her with her warm wool coat on.
 Heartthrob above and Cinderella below are a mother daughter pair. Can't wait to see the lambs they have with Duke.

 Emory, our big yearling Icelandic ewe.
 Our Katie in the snow.
Katie with Dixie who isn't quite sure about all this white stuff!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Three years ago today our lives were forever changed...we began a very long journey which included valleys and PITS! Here we are today...grateful for all God has done in our lives!