Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Of Sheep Stuff, Of Course!

Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year!! Is it spring yet?

I received a couple of adorable sheepie gifts for Christmas this year from my precious daughters. The first little ewe is on my refrigerator given to me by Lauren. It's ready to hold the phone tree from school in case of inclement weather!! (Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!)

The lion and lamb is a Jim Shore piece titled, "Peace and Love." This was given to me by Katie and is sitting on the counter in front of our family pictures. The colors are great!

Below is a treat to myself with approval from my hubby. I saw this on the internet after Christmas but it was too expensive. The next day I looked at it again and low and behold it was 40% off with free shipping! SOLD!! It's great! The sheep have little bells dangling and so are their legs of wooden beads. I was very pleased!

Last week we had frigid temperatures for our area!! It is very rare for western NC to see temperatures below 10 degrees. Then there was a wind chill to go with it. We can't image feeding sheep in the temperatures that my brother had in Iowa -- 30 something below!! The sheep are funny when it's cold. They dance and jump and hop like popcorn when we come to feed. Of course the momma's carrying little lambies aren't hopping too much!!

With weather like this we will have more of this.....

The day school started back from our Christmas break, Frankenmuth delivered the last of our roving. These are fleeces that were shown at the NC Mt. State Fair in September. The reddish brown on the top left is Abigail (Abby). Her lamb's fleece won in the natural colored Shetland class and then won supreme natural colored fleece in 2007. This fleece was first out of about 15 Shetlands at the 2008 fair. Abby's mother is to the right, Shania. Next is Butterscotch. On the front left is Sprinkle's lamb's fleece. She was 2nd in the natural colored Shetland fleece class in September. Then there is Razzle and Emmett (2 rams) with their lamb's fleeces. I can't wait to find time to start spinning some of these wonderful colored fleeces!!
Before we know it there will be lambs and then it will be time to shear again!! Lambs will begin arriving at the end of March and beginning of April! Yes, Christmas will come again and our gifts will be precious little lambies of all different colors!!