Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016 Hidaway Farms Lambs

 Lambing is complete at Hidaway Farms for 2016. The pictures posted here are from the Hendersonville farm. We had 10 lambs born here...6 ewe lambs and 4 ram lambs. Katie's sheep had 12 lambs at the Leicester farm. She finished with 7 ram lambs and 5 ewe lambs. Now we are able to enjoy the antics of these marvelous creatures. Our names this year are based on John Wayne movie characters.
 First lambs born were a pair of Shetlands. Meet McLintock and Catherine (McLintock).

 First Icelandics born were twins, Mississippi and Maudi (El Dorado), white ram lamb and black spotted ewe lamb.

 Brooklyn delivered twin Shetland ewe lambs...Becky and Camille (McLintock).

 Next Icelandic to deliver was Rosaline. She delivered a large solid black ram lamb, El Dorado.

 Surprised on a Friday morning when we found Emmalee and her twins up and going. Josephine (El Dorado) and Colorado (Rio Bravo).

 Joey is a grey katmoget and Colorado is a moorit katmoget.
 Last baby to arrive was Shasta (Rio Lobo), a solid black Icelandic ewe lamb.

 Let the games begin!!

The end...for now!