Thursday, September 18, 2008

NC Mtn. State Fair - Part 2

There were approximately 75 Shetland sheep that participated in the Open Show. It was the largest group for one particular breed. Those 75 came from 5 farms. We took 21 sheep to the fair. We had a great day!! Probably the best showing we've ever done.

We started out with the white ram lamb class where Hank Aaron was 1st out of a class of 6. Wilbur Wright was 4th in the natural colored ram lamb class with 12 ram lambs. Razzle and Emmett were 1st and 2nd in the Shetland natural colored yearling ram class.

Hank took Champion Shetland Ram and Razzle was Reserve Champion Shetland Ram. Here is Hank below with Lauren. Hank is for sale as well as 3 other ram lambs that we have.

Jackie O. went into the white ewe lamb class and placed 1st out of 7 white ewe lambs.

One of our biggest thrills was in the natural colored Shetland ewe lamb class. There were 17 beautiful little Shetland girls participating. We placed 1st with Jane Austen. She's my baby! We were 3rd with Amelia Earhart, 4th with Charlotte Bronte, 5th with Emily Bronte, and 9th with Scarlett O'Hara. Wow!! We were amazed. Jane later went on to win Reserve Champion Shetland Ewe.

I'm on the far right with Jane. Next to me is Mrs. Michaels in 2nd. We purchased our ram, Cory, from her and these are his babies and grandbabies. Lauren is next. Then Katie has the cute little moorit smirlset ewe lamb (2 colors on the face) and then Christian has Emily, a grey katmoget.

Katie had the 1st place yearling ewe and Lauren's ewe was in 5th. There were 12 ewes in this class and the judge said they were the hardest Shetland class to judge. Hidaway Farms took 1st and 2nd place in Shetland pairs. This is where you try to pick 2 similar sheep to show together. There were about 8 pairs in the class.

Baby Jane was a hit with the judge. She won 1st place in the natural colored Shetland fleece class and Charlotte was 2nd. There were about 15 sheep in this class.

Below is Katie with Sprinkles and Christian with Cara. Rothey and I always get these two confused in the pasture. Beside them is Lauren and Hannah (my great-niece) with Emily and Jane. Look at those intense showman!! They could taste that win.

Christian and Katie went back into the show ring with all the breeds of sheep to compete for Supreme Champion Pair of Ewes. They did it as you can see in the picture.

We finished out the day winning the ribbon for best Shetland Flock. Our flock was made up of Hank, Butterscotch, Sprinkles, Jackie, and of course, my baby Jane!!

Everyone was ready to go home and call it a night. We are all just about recovered from a very tiring and exciting weekend. Now that it is Thursday night, we wish we could go back and do it all again!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

North Carolina Mt. State Fair- WOW! What a great fair!!

What a fabulous time we had at the Mtn. State Fair!! We are very proud of our flock! Mary Anne Johnson from Ohio was our judge. These are some of our shining moments. Saturday was the Jr. show (showman are 18 and under) so only Lauren could show. We put sheep in the Shetland classes and in the Fine Wool classes. Above you see Lauren showing in the white Shetland ewe lamb class. This is Jackie O. and she was first in her class. Lauren also received her showmanship pin in this first class.
Here is Lauren showing Jackie in the Champion Homegrown class along with her college roommate, Breynna. Jackie won homegrown Shetland ewe. Breynna is showing Jane Austen who won homegrown ewe in the Fine Wool class.
Above: Jackie O
Above: Baby JaneShania takes 1st place in the aged ewe class. Shania is a 4 year old spotted Shetland. She is one of our favorites.
Below: Lauren with Baby Jane who just won the Champion Fine Wool class. Baby Jane is the little ewe lamb who's mom died the day after she was born. She was our bottle baby for this year.
Below: We are so proud of Jane. She won Reserve Champion Ewe for the Jr. Show!! Wow!!Lauren won this director's chair for being the Premier Exhibitor for the Fine Wool Classes.
Another highlight of this show: out of 12 natural colored Shetland ewe lambs Lauren placed 1st with Amelia Earhart and 2nd with Charlotte Bronte. We also had Reserve Champion Fine Wool Ewe with Abigail. This was one of the best Jr. Shows that we've ever had!

Tomorrow I will highlight the Open Show! It makes all the hard work worthwhile!!