Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Introducing Henderson...Hidaway Farms First Icelandic Lamb

Henderson is a black badgerface polled Icelandic ram lamb. He is precious!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We're Almost There!

 Dalton and Duke were born early, early Wednesday morning on the 17th. The second little guy above was the first born and he was coming breech. When Sprinkles wasn't making progress around 12:45 AM , I checked and there was a tiny tail only! All went well as I assisted in the birth with Katie holding mom. Second ram came very quickly and the correct way.
 Pending horn growth, one of these little guys will become one of two flock sires for next year. After I sleep all night for a while, of course.
 These cute little guys were born Sunday, April 21st. The fawn katmoget is Wilson and his brother, the moorit krunet, is Weston. Weston was trying to be born with one leg back and one leg forward. After a little help from the shepherdess, he arrived ready to get up and go.
 Growing lambs love to play and rest around the poplar trees as Beulah, our donkey, is on duty in the background.
 Lambs are growing. Everett is above. Ivy and Ivory are below.

 Sleepy boys...
Emmalee checking out what looks good to eat or chew on or get into!

Two to go...Moonpie (Icelandic) will definitely be sooner than later. Cinderella will probably be later.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lambing Update

 Time to catch up with lambs at Hidaway Farms. Above is precious Magnolia, daughter of Heartthrob and Cedar born Saturday.
 Then came these two cuties after a long labor Sunday. Behind Amelia is her ram lamb, Everett. In front of Amelia is Emmalee a cute fawn katmoget with some spotting.
 Monday was busy when Abby went into labor in the morning. She delivered textbook style...two little white ewe lambs, Ivy and Ivory.
When we were cleaning out a lambing pen for Abby, Gina moved in and wouldn't leave. We locked her up and she was very content to stay there. Gina is a hands-off ewe so this was unusual behavior. We never see Gina lamb. Around 11 pm we found these two ram lambs. White one like Dad and black yuglet/sokket is just like Mom...2 ram lambs. The count was 6 to 6. Names pending.

Tuesday evening we noticed that Sprinkles was exhibiting signs of the beginning of labor. After much watching, leaving, watching, we realized that she wasn't making much progress. Around 12:22 Wednesday morning we knew we were going to have to intervene. When I checked her I found a tail...breech baby. We successfully delivered a beautiful spotted ram lamb and within 10 minutes another spotted ram lamb emerged. There guys have flock sire potential in my book. Pictures forthcoming.

2 Shetlands to lamb and 1 Icelandic...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Southern Ladies Arrive!

 What a lovely surprise greeted us Wednesday morning when Katie and I went on our morning trek to the barn! Hidaway Farms Electra had delivered, cleaned, and nursed two adorable grey katmoget EWE lambs. Our first ewes of the year and they look like their mom. Yea! This little spotted kat is Caroline.
 Caroline's sister is Cora!
This evening after feeding (Friday) we released Electra and the girls from their "jug" and they enjoyed the evening stretching their legs and resting in between.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcoming Little Lambs in 2013

 "Who are you? You don't look like my mommy...you don't smell like my mommy! You must not be my mommy!"
 "But I like you!!" No handling the ram lamb...Shetland rams anyway.
 The "name theme" for 2013: Old Southern Names. Welcome Dexter (white ram) and his twin, Hunt (moorit krunet ram) born on Friday, April 5th. Hidaway Farms Nala is the proud first time mom.
Shania, our oldest bred ewe, delivered a single white ram lamb on Saturday, April 6th. Welcome to our flock...Abbott!

Next due date around Wednesday, the 10th...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Waiting, Watching, Waiting...

 "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...you wait and watch...how do you think we feel?"  A Shetland with an attitude? Naw, just Ruth showing her teeth.
 Ladies-in-waiting:  Back-Amelia and Abigail
                               Middle- Moonpie (Icelandic)
                               Front- Nala and Cinderella

Who are we waiting on?  Amelia bred to Sycamore Farms Duramax (Max)
                                        Abigail bred to Max
                                        Nala bred to Max
                                        Cinderella bred to Hidaway Farms Cedar
                                        Heartthrob bred to Cedar
                                        Ruth bred to Cedar
                                        Shania bred to Max
                                        Gina bred to Max
                                        Sprinkles bred to Max
                                        Electra bred to Max
                                        Moonpie bred to Sheldon (Icelandics from Tennessee)

Tomorrow begins 146 days that we thought we saw some ruffled wool. So from tomorrow until the end of April...we watch. All but one should go within the next two weeks!

A Shepherd's Christmas is coming...Anticipation!!
"No need to watch me! I was only born last July for goodness sake!" Yes, Darla, but next spring we will be watching you too!!