Tuesday, November 17, 2015

SAFF 2015

 What a wonderful time we had at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair!
 Katie showing Birmingham, our yearling Icelandic ram in the Long Wool class. He placed 2nd.
 He is such a good boy...very well behaved and beautiful.
 Congratulations to the Supreme Champion Ram owned by Christina Law. This fellow was born on our farm last year...Hidaway Farms Houston.
 This is going to be our Shetland sire this year. His name is Dice and he is a black and white smirslet ram from the Stouts. He has some of our old bloodlines in his pedigree that we look forward to bringing back to our sheep.
 He stands really nice and has a very soft long fleece.
 Katie showing Helena, white Icelandic yearling ewe.
 Christine with lovely Emory, white Icelandic aged ewe. Both Helena and Emory were 1st in their class.
 Here I am showing Amethyst, black Icelandic ewe lamb and Katie has Peridot, mouflon spotted Icelandic ewe lamb. Amethyst was first and Peridot was 3rd in the class.

 Here is Katie showing Cora or Caroline, one of the Shetland aged ewe twins that we have a hard time telling apart. This one was first in the class. These twins went on to win Shetland pairs.
 Showing Emory in the Champion Long Wool class. We had 5 of the 6 possible sheep in the class. I don't think that has ever happened before.
 Katie's Joelene won the Champion Long Wool Ewe and then went on to show in the Supreme ewe class.

 And...Reserve Champion she was! Boy, was Katie happy.
 We also had Champion Long Wool pair with Quincy and Rosaline, moorit and black badger respectively. This pair went on to win Supreme Champion Pair.
 Melinda sharing cookies with the sheep.
 Derrick and Rothey...well...resting?
We had a really great show! We also sold 2 rams lambs as fiber pets including this cutie and 2 ewes. We made a lot of contacts and hope to be able to provide more wonderful fleece and sheep to people within the southeast! Until next year at SAFF...