Monday, April 7, 2014

Cities and States

 This year our theme for lambs will be...cities and states of the USA. As of today we have 6 lambs...3 sets of twins...4 rams and 2 ewes. Three Shetland mothers have lambed...5 Shetlands to go and 3 Icelandics.
 First up was Electra on March 31st. Her two sons are above...grey smirslet (looks black now) is Lorado and his flashy smirslet katmoget brother is Lincoln. They are the bullies of the group.
 These cuties are Nala's twins born April 1st. Above (see his horn buttons?) is Vance...he is a fawn katmoget. His sister is the little moorit one with him below. Her name is Virginia.
 Lambs are just like toddlers...into everything and exploring...especially with their mouths.
 "Life is good!" Looks like Virginia is smiling.
 Lambs also constantly try out those long as Mom is nearby.
 Born to Violet on Saturday, April 5th, was a solid moorit ram lamb and an adorable moorit gulmoget ewe lamb. We are calling him Austin, His tiny sister is Addison.
Welcome to our flock, little ones! You will soon have more friends to play with!