Friday, August 9, 2013

Latest Acquisitions...

Welcome to Hidaway Farms...3 new Icelandic ewes...2 lambs and a yearling from Abingdon, Virginia.
 Above and below is my ewe lamb, Rosaline. She is a black badgerface like Henderson in the last post. She will be bred to him in the fall of 2014. We should have more lovely badgerface babies then.

 This is Katie's ewe lamb, Joelene. She looks to us like a spotted badgerface. She also will go with Henderson in 2014. We prefer not to breed ewes we will have to wait patiently.
 Because we wanted another ewe beside Darla to breed to Henderson this fall, we purchased this lovely yearling ewe, Emory. She is considered white, I believe. She has a champagne colored head as well as legs.

We are so excited to have purchased these quality animals from the Klings. Looking forward to building a quality Icelandic flock.