Saturday, January 26, 2013

When's It's Icy Outside... creative inside! Our new Wild Carder was put to work.
 From this... this...
...and then to yarn plyed with a sparkly thread.

I also practiced core spinning using two-toned Shetland roving. Please visit our Hidaway Farms facebook page to see a picture of the end result.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Yarn and Roving Sent North

 The yarn Katie and I have spun from our Shetland wool is headed to Granville, NY where my brother will be showing it to a group of avid knitters. The colors of wool are the natural color of our dyes used here.
The cream colored roving is on its way to Maryland and the grey is heading to a different part of New York. My half will return as dyed art yarn (cream) and navajo plied yarn (grey). We are trying something new here...Spin a pound Get a pound...growers and spinners work with each other usually 50/50 to have something wonderful created. Because we don't have time to work all our roving or have the skills necessary for some art yarns, a trade is made. Looking forward to what comes back to me in a month or so.