Sunday, April 18, 2010

This is the life!!

Aurora rests in the grass by the gate as mom eats nearby on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Is she smiling?

"Yum, I see why mom likes this stuff! Now that it is in my mouth what do I do with it? "

Lamb races have begun!! Twister, Dew, Stormy, and Midnight head toward the hill.

"Here we come again!"

"This is a lambs life!" says Jack Frost. Doesn't he look like he's smiling?

Midnight hangs out with the other two solid single ram lambs. They aren't too sure of those spotted ones!

Avalanche looks on. He prefers his mom to the others. He's starting to make friends.

This coming Friday is shearing day for the moms. Twenty-one others were shorn on Friday and all the bagged wool is in my house waiting to be skirted and sent off. Temperatures will be on the cooler side for this week.

Stormy and Aurora peer over the pipe stating that, yes, this is a lambs life!! (And what a great life it is!!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Results...

of whirlwind lambing at our place. It was an eventful 27 hours at Hidaway Farms. We actually finished lambing...we thought we would be going until the 23rd of April. What a crazy year!!

It all started Saturday evening when we figured that Sprinkles was in labor. Katie and I did a barn check at 11:30 pm just as Sprinkles was beginning to really push. She delivered our 2nd set of twins. Above you see the little cuties. Introducing Hidaway Farms Dew, a black ewe lamb with little white hairs on top of her head, and Blizzard, a smirslet flecket ram lamb that will be grey. His fleece is very crimpy just like his sire, Cory. They are both very laid back as you can see.

On Sunday morning when feeding new moms hay, we noticed that Abby seemed to be in labor. So off to church we went and when we returned there was this little handsome fellow that you see above. After his birth, Abby began having the twin to this ram but things didn't look normal. Once we got her in the barn she delivered a stillborn ram completely in his sack. He didn't look normal and probably died several days before. So...Abby has a wild child and his name is Hidaway Farms Avalanche. His sire is Tundra. He jumps and flops and kicks and is the craziest lamb we have ever seen. He is a black and white yuglet (maybe smirslet?) sokket. This evening was his first time out of the lambing pen.

At feeding time Sunday evening, Amelia was acting strange and didn't eat her share of grain. Yes, it looked like she was beginning to labor. We thought she would be the last ewe to lamb around the 23rd. So much for that date! Around 9:45 pm we checked her to find that she was ready to deliver. With a little help she delivered a strapping moorit lad. Boy, did she like him!! Introducing Hidaway Farms Wind sired by Tundra. We have some great mothers!!
The barn was full with 4 lambing pens. No more room...Shania was due on we were safe...ha! ha! After settling everyone in...about 11:15...I look at Shania who had eaten supper, had been content chewing her cud...all of a sudden...standing up, tail up, smelling the ground where she lay. Looked pretty suspicious!!

Attempted to sleep...Rothey went to check on her at 2:00 am as my Easter vacation was coming to a close and I had to teach Monday. He called...yep...looks like she needs a little help to deliver this very large black and white yuglet sokket ram lamb. Introducing Hidaway Farms Jack Frost sired by Tundra. His horns were already raised at birth! He's a sweetie!
27 hours...4 ewes lambed...4 rams and one ewe!
Total count...8 ewes bred...10 lambs...6 rams...4 ewes...first time ever having 5 singles!!
It won't be hard to decide which ewe lambs to sell...none of them!
Now we are enjoying them as they make friends and play. There is nothing like bouncing baby lambs.
Whew!! It's over and we have almost caught up on our sleep...or is it over?...Tundra broke out into the nonbreeders pasture...could there be June lambs?? We will have to wait and see!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010


Hidaway Farms Mist (Misty), a fawn (?) smirslet (?) katmoget ewe lamb whose first time mom, Lucille Ball (Lucy), a grey katmoget looks on. Sire is Sycamore Farms Tundra, a black smirslet ram.
Hidaway Farms Twister, a moorit krunet (?) ram lamb out of Gina, a black and white yuglet and Rare Find Farms Cory, a fawn katmoget. It seems that the katmoget and spots cancel each other out and a solid is produced. Crazy, Crazy!
Four down and four to go. Tomorrow is day 146 for Sprinkles who looks like she will have twins. Monday is day 146 for Abby (guessing twins) and Tuesday will be day 146 for Shania. Of course that is if we have their dates right to begin with. We think Amelia will lamb around the 23rd or so of April.

There is nothing sweeter than little Shetland lambs to snuggle with and watch bouncing around their "playpen".

More Singles

...Quick update...

Wednesday early, early morning Gina produced a robust moorit ram lamb with a little white on top his head.

This morning as I went to give hay to our 2 moms in the lambing jugs I was surprised to find Lucy with a dry little katmoget ewe lamb. Today was day 146 for her. We really didn't expect anything yet! Yea, another ewe lamb! That makes our 3rd single and only Lucy is a first timer.

Pictures to come later today...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finders Keepers

I found these two during the morning (daylight) barn check today. Maybe 30 to 45 minutes old. Charlotte (Windswept Shania and Hidaway Farms Razzle) is a first time mom to these precious ewe lambs. Yes, two ewe lambs. One is a black yuglet (?) and the other is a moorit smirslet (?). They both have four white stockings of varying lengths and mostly white tails.

They are keepers!! Introducing...Hidaway Farms Aurora (moorit) and Hidaway Farms Stormy (black). did good!!

The proud papa is Sycamore Farms Tundra (Hidaway Farms Bridgett and Bluff Country Sandman).
More pictures to follow as they fill out over the course of the next couple of days.
Today is day 148 for Gina. We are PATIENTLY waiting...not!

Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Just Begun!

Lambing, of course!! Nine-year-old Annie Oakley (grey) delivered a single black ram lamb sometime in the wee hours of the morning. Midnight was delivered, licked clean, and even had breakfast when my husband found them in the barn during the morning barn check. That's the way we like it!!

This year our "theme" for lamb names will be weather happenings. We are looking forward to finding the right lambs to be Mist, Thunder, Wind, Frost, Lightning, etc.

Next up will be Gina possibly on Easter. Then there is Charlotte. We haven't a due date for her yet her udder is larger than anyone's including the ewe that lambed today!!
Thank goodness for Easter Break!!