Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Cinderella of a Surprise...

What a nice little surprise awaited Katie when she went down to the barn on June 5th!

It all started in January...Katie had been getting into a routine of feeding sheep and getting help with that since Rothey was in the hospital. Well, the barn door wasn't shut and locked...the only thing separating 2 ewe lambs (2010) and a breeding group was a chain link gate whose latch wasn't the strongest...and the next day they were all found together...well...maybe no one was bred...maybe it was April the larger of the 2...well...nope...after shearing we realized Heartthrob had quite a round belly and an udder starting to form...oh my...she is a small ewe and Rothey is still in the hospital...we really didn't want to go through lambing again in June!

Once again the Lord answered our prayers. We had her due date around June 9th so we weren't really starting to watch for her to lamb. Katie went down to give the other mothers hay and there she was...Cinderella...yes, a single ewe lamb...licked clean, dry, with everyone else. And boy is she precious!!
What a nice little surprise!!

It has been a very difficult year but we still see many blessings around us!


Kara said...

She is very pretty!

piacash said...

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