Monday, November 19, 2012

What's Next?

 This is Darla, our newest acquisition. Darla is a black mouflon with spots. She is an Icelandic. For several years, Hidaway Farms talked about having an Icelandic or two. With many families in our area into Shetlands we thought it might be time to try something new. We aren't planning on getting rid of our Shetlands but wanted to branch out. Darla was born on July 2nd. She is precious!  We love her markings and her wonderful stocky confirmation and tiny, tiny fluked tail. We were excited to see a pen of 4 Icelandic ewes at SAFF. They are relatively unusual around our area. We were fortunate to purchase her!
 "What is out there? It sure is big..." Huck and Darla check out what is beyond the gate.
 "Oh, it's just our neighbors...the cows!"
 Icelandics have double-coated very long staple length fleeces. Because of the growth of these fleeces they must be shorn twice a year.
 Katie decided to hand shear this year for Darla's fall clip (her first time). Anthony will shear her in the spring and next fall we will probably have her shorn at SAFF. Katie will wash the fleece and tail spin the locks into a fancy yarn.
"Oh dear, oh dear...I must hide!"

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Laura C Frazier said...

Hi Darla!!! I sure miss you, but I see you are in great, caring hands at Hidaway Farm!

Just look at all those spots!! I hope y'all enjoy her fleece!